I am a mother, writer, and educator. I have lived (and continue to live) an engaged and physical life full of books, music, and friends that have become family. I grew up in my parents’ big, dusty college-town used bookstore. I spent my formative years waitressing, traveling, learning, dating too many guitar players, and doing a bit of rock and roll tour catering. I finally directed my education and experiences into teaching and writing. I am a Montessori credentialed Elementary I and II teacher and traditionally trained and licensed secondary teacher in history and geography. I also occasionally write articles, textbook passages, and book reviews. Recently, after thirteen lucky years, I left my position as the lead of an upper elementary Montessori program so that I can restore my body and reconfigure my life. I am learning to adapt to an autoimmune disorder and other conditions that have taken strong hold in my body. I process my life by writing about it and as I now have much more time to both reflect and write, I started this blog. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.